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    I'd like to start my own business as a process server but there are just a few things I'm unsure of. which is holding me back from getting started.
    I have three questions in particular:
    1- What is required for confirmation of identity, for example if I had a picture of John Doe's ID, and I see someone who looks just like the ID photo, could I just say "hey John Doe, how's it going?" and if they reply is that good enough? or do I need them to say "Yes I'm John Doe[?]"
    2- previously I thought that if personal service fails, I could just leave a copy on their front door AND(not or) send one in certified mail, however, after doing some reading, here's where my question comes in: RCW 4.28.080, subsection 1 through 16 is clear to me, but 17 is confusing. From my understanding it basically says "If you cannot do method 1 through 16, then do method 16 AND mail it." So it's like saying if you cant do 16, then do 16 as well as mail it, which renders mailing pointless since 16 alone is adequate.
    Link to see that section:
    3- Is there a certain number of attempts required before mailing it?
    Thanks for reading
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