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Every case detail. Need lawyer jan 12th 2019, will be 2 years I have document the Nurse signed in another nurses name.

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  • Every case detail. Need lawyer jan 12th 2019, will be 2 years I have document the Nurse signed in another nurses name.

    Concrete Case Against Police. Elyria Hospital.

    January, 11th of 2019, I purchased my first IPA 6 pack of beer. I rarely ever drink, and a friend suggested I try a certain kind and brand of IPA beer (Voodoo Ranger). I don’t often drink, probably once every year or 2 years, so I figured “why not?”. I get back, sip 1 time and thought it was pretty strong. 8:00 pm I haven’t gotten through a quarter of it cause it taste OK, but is way too strong. By 10:00 Pm I finish the first one. My stomach pains start right after I open a 2nd one. An hour go’s by and grow worse. 11:30 I’m in pain I’ve never experienced in my life. I’m the usual type that if something hurts I don’t go to the hospital since I had to basically live there as a kid, from 1-4 years of age. Sometime after midnight I call my mother to please come get me and take me to the hospital. She initially wanted to take me to Avon, and I should’ve done so because of how bad Elyria is, both with people dying under mysterious circumstances (Elderly, Newborns), and if what happened to me is any constellation. Then we know why. As I have concrete proof that is the last remaining proof.

    I go to the hospital. I tell them “i’ve been through some very serious pain before and this is the worst I’ve ever felt” adding, “please put me in a medically induced coma” . The female doctor wants to give me klonopin, already being given a prescription of that I don’t see how that’s going to take away pain. I say “ I need something strong “ the Doctor ends up opting me in for morphine. The drug addicts that work in the hospital opted me for both Klonopin and Morphine. An orderly comes to the room assuming that I wasn’t given the morphine shot. Morphine and Klonopin are the basic recipe for someone to be put in a medically induced coma, a benzodiazepene and opiate. We actually (myself and my Mother) refuse the Klonopin. The Orderly working for the nurses then sais as he’s turning to go out the door “welp, I’m not letting this go to waste”. And we can only assume what was done with it, as I’m on record for being given both that night, and clearly remember I wasn’t put into a coma.

    That was perhaps the worse pain I’ve been in, and my side of the car was crushed by an 18 Wheeler w/the window frame and roof of the car both coming down on the top of my head, surprisingly I didn’t die, let alone get knocked out. The morphine shot seems to have put me out for a while and I find myself from waking up from it. My Mother had left to go to back to her house and I wake up sometime at 4 or 6:00 o’clock in the morning and am told I’m getting a room as I was diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia that was indeed bleeding because vomiting blood made me go to the hospital in the first place. Floor 5 Room 506. My seizure medications included levetiracetam aka oxycarbenzaprine. Also, taking remron on and off and 2 other medications if those 2 didn’t work. My seizures would not stop due to the tune up job they did on me at Lorain county. So my family and myself opted to apply and then got accepted to receive my medical marijuana card costing 280 dollars.

    This seems to have been the only thing to indeed stop my seizures and prevent them from returning, whilst being on the pills. I forfeited my marijuana card for protection as of recently to apply for a carry and conceal to protect my life. I’d rather not, but very much want to protect my life.

    I remember I had some buds on me. I was given a meal of Salsbury, Potatoes and vegetables and was in fact, the only meal I had in hours and felt good on my stomach cause a bleeding hernia hurts. As I’m in my room, you could hear the Nurses and Nurses-aids complaining of the smell of my kind dank bud,

    as I only had a small amount I usually kept on me in case I felt a seizure coming on (which I could never do, as some epileptics see lights, I seen nothing before all 34). But it helped none the less. There were no plastic bags available to me so I had to use something from the meal as to “double bag” the weed I had, because the Nurses complained for the 4th time that “it smells”.

    Always the constant consummate of the people person I am, I like to not give people a hard time and usually bend over backwards for people to make either their time spent around me more enjoyable, or their jobs easier. I was pretty much in critical condition and asked when I was given a room “how many days am I going to be in the hospital?” The Indian doctor replied “about 4 to 5 days to keep you under observation”. I didn’t have my ecigarette on me and kept Marlboros on me as emergency. I believe cigarettes indeed make me heal faster, this sounds stupid I know, but it does raise your metabolism and makes everything speed up, plus I’m part Irish, and there is small amount of Nicotine in potatoes (why we like them). I’m given Ulcer meds through an IV drip, among other things like Saline Solution as my electrolytes were low and whilst in the hospital I had been drinking water like nobodies business. Just hours before given the hospital bed in room 506, I had still found myself vomiting blood.

    Just eating dinner I watch TV for a little while then figure I’m going to proceed outside and smoke. After I ate, I waited for it to get dark. I go to the nurses station in the middle of the floor near the Elevator, take my IV bag and pole with me. I ask “can I go outside to have a cigarette?” they reply

    “yes but you have to sign a paper stating you’re going off the floor”. That paper is not a discharge from the hospital or negating your care. Nurse Rachel Askew in the criminal ward did some very illegal things (not the nurses on floor 5) but the devil I call her in the Criminal ward that ran it. So I go outside I’m not only cold but running out of cigarettes. I figure “hmm, I can make it” I was in bad shape but seemed only a short walk from the hospital, over a small bridge then to Rite Aid. I have my wallet on me as I’m wearing my jacket because early January and snowing, but stopped when I got outside.

    I know what I was doing wasn’t illegal. Nor any law against it, for a fact actually. Well, My Mother and I were the only ones running the Amanda Berry case as the first district Cleveland police told Louwanna Miller (Amanda’s mother) became my Mother’s best friend when she went missing, and persisted in taking Louwanna up to the first district police station in Cleveland every single week since Amanda went missing (as Louwanna didn’t drive). And for every single week the First District Police in Cleveland persistently told her “your daughter is most likely a run away”, I know this to be 100% true. Didn’t do there job and we want to write a book about all the things we knew and didn’t come out on the news. My Mother (Therese Sanchez) was the one that started the prayer vigils for Amanda that a group eventually took credit for in the form of 200,000$ donated by Yahoo news.

    We were the only ones looking for her and actively, me penetrating through her social group seeing if I can find anything out, my Mom spending over 5,000 in fliers she never asked anything for. Getting the story aired on local Cleveland news stations, getting it aired on Nationally Syndicated Tv, contacting Americas Most Wanted (w/John Walsch) a couple other talk shows, And I mean everything. It’s when my Mother got Louwanna on the Montell Williams show is when Louwanna pretty much gave up on life, my Mom regrets that. Because, on Montell Williams show was Psychic Silvia Brown in which who told Louwanna “your daughter is dead”. In fact, Silvia Brown caught a heart attack and died the day after Amanda and those women were found…. However, I’m digressing. My Mom was there for everything including: when Amanda’s Mother pretty much gave up on life and is why my Mother regrets getting her on that show. Because she would eventually and unfortunately drink herself to death and had a stomach and liver issue eventually. My Mother took Louwanna Miller to metro hospital and they did a bad botch job with her stomach (which was still opened with sutures), when Louwanna and her family wanted to take their chances at Cleveland Clinic to save her. So my Mother got her out of bed and assisted her in leaving the hospital which she was initially stopped. My Sister (also named Therese Sanchez) working in the medical field for over 20 years now, we all know sorts of things.
    Including you’re allowed to leave with a Intravenous Drip still connected to you and the pole.

    We met the Amanda Berry family when my Mother was getting me a burger from Burger King at Amanda’s last known location she was in when Ariel Castro in which whom broke into my Mother’s mini van in year 7 of running the Prayer Vigils stealing pages out of a bible (weird I know), and a Cake my mother had prepared for the Prayer Vigil. We would later find out that while in captivity the cake my Mother brought for people who attended the prayer Vigil, was actually given to her By Ariel Castro while in captivity, as we were still somewhat close with the Berry family when she was eventually freed. Now not so much. Back to the issue.

    It’s actually allowed to come with you as you’re allowed to leave or come back if you want. Knowing this my Mother helped Louwanna leave where security guards tried stopping them but my Mother said “if you touch us we’ll scream”. She would later go to a different hospital and unfortunately pass away with my Mother at her death bed stating “it’s ok, I know your tired, you can go, we’ll still look for mandy”. I regret not attending to her passing, as I could of went. However, I didn’t always take death too well. I wish my Mom could get a book wrote about her life. Be it with this situation or others she has a pretty interesting life only, it’s why we don’t lie, cause life is too interesting to lie. Anyway, I make it across the side walk where East Broad street turns into Broad street in Elyria, slowly inching my nicotine fiending self to Rite Aid. I make to across the bridge almost by Murphys Brothers repair.

    I manage to make it across the bridge while scooting the IV pole still connected to my left arm. Finally, I make it in front of Murphy Brothers. This is where I see an Elyria Patrol car stop (Elyria Police only pretty much days earlier get called to my former residence at 102 warwick dr. Where a female from internet chatrooms got obsessed with me, and when the favor wasn’t returned got quite angry with me and made a fake call to the Police stating I’m waiving a firearm and threatening people over Youtube with children were around. W/None of it being true, and at the time didn’t own a firearm. A known stalker Nibah Gazi recorded a video of me when I lived with my mother in 2015 when I was 29, putting false claims on a video title, even with the Video she recorded showing none of those claims. Elyria Police come to my door when I opened it, they ask “Are you Anthony Fowler?” I say “yes” , they ask “are you threatening people?” I say “no” with a unsure smurk of what’s going on. One of 4 of the officers almost jump up and scream at 9:30 at night time straight yelling “ ARE YOU THREATENING PEOPLE WAIVING A GUN AROUND KIDS?” I say nothing and open my one room efficiency door all the way, and then ask “ do you see any kids?” they say “ohh’ there eyes go from bulging to almost half closed. I then say “I don’t even have a gun”. I then ask them “why are you yelling?” the one cowboy sais “we’re not yelling it’s 8:30” it wasn’t, it was actually 9:30. I ask “is that all?” they say “yea goodnight, and sorry”… Sorry doesn’t cut it, because my only Christmas gift for 2018 was a letter in the mail 4 days later stating I am 1 out of 3 Violations of my lease for Noise Ordinance….. And I remember everything going black… That was my last grand mal seizure I defecate my pants from on December 27th , 2018.)

    My life isn’t good, ever been good, and doesn’t seem it will ever be good. That event started the PTSD I’m treated from the online harrasment while using the EPD as a tool of this harassment as since then I’ve lost any kind of faith in the police, and personally believe to defund them Federally, realizing there needs to be a last line of defense against anarchy, would take that money and give it to the Sheriff, the real police. The Police cruiser going down Broad street was being driven by a Officer Kasporvich. By the time I’m in front of Murphy Brothers. Officer Kasporvich rolls down his police cruiser window and proceeds in asking me “What do you think you’re doing” I answer “walking to the store”, then continue to walk in the direction of Rite Aid. Officer Kasporvich sais “Stop” I instantly stop and stay in position.

    Officer Kasporvich gets out of the cruiser and parks it in front of me right on the street. Gets out of the car and asks “ What do you think you’re doing’ with a smile on his face. Officer Kasporvich sais while laughing “you can’t do that” I say “Ohh, Yes I can”. I then explain to Officer Kasporvich our family member has been in the medical field for over 20 years, then further explain to him the Amanda Berry’s Mother situation of assisting her leaving the hospital for a more finely equipped and better skilled facility. He said ‘ no you can’t “ carrying on with the laughter. Officer Kasporvich then asks “ what’s your name” I then ask “what have I done illegal to give you my name”. This is where hell begins that I’ve been living with as of to date consisting of severe back pain (degenerating discs) and shoulder pain (a 100% torn and separated labrum (cartlidge) and fracture back part of the shoulder (bone fragments), in which both have been operated on because of this by Cleveland Indians Surgeon Dr Shickendantz.

    Dr. Shickendantz is the head Surgeon of the Cleveland Indians overhand pitching unit that spends his summers here in Cleveland (Area), then winter time (Arizona spring training). I say this is where hell begins because, Officer Kasporvich’s Response while slowly but surely losing the smile on his face

    sais “Soooo it’s gonna be like that Huh”, he sais over the radio what I can resemble as “something 20”

    I believe this is the police dispatch radio signal for backup to the Officers current location. I keep asking “what have I done wrong to give you my name”. I then say “am I being detained?”, Officer Kasporvich sais “Yes”. This is where my eyes get big and I persistently ask 2 “What have I done Illegal to be detained”, Officer Kasporvich replies “You’re not allowed to do that” pointing with his hand to my left arm and the IV pole connected to me. I say “Ohh, yes I am”. All the while I hear sirens.

    While I continue to hear sirens growing closer to mine and Officer Kasporvich’s position, I then ask “Is that for me” and with the biggest Koolaid I’ve seen on any grown man he tips his head and sais “Yes”. Unfortunately, Officer Loesch shows up on scene. And this is where things begin… I say “I’m disabled with Epilepsy, what have I done”, Officer Loesch out of nowhere replies “I have epilepsy, so what.”… I knew I was in trouble. I ask “what exactly am I being detained for, what law have I broken?” Officer Kasporvich replies “It’s illegal to walk outside with a pole” I say “no it’s not so, cancer patients so cancer patients that are connected to IV drips aren’t allowed to to go outside?” they didn’t say anything. It’s so hard to even type about this, almost every other paragraph I have to get up cause of the adrenaline and cortisol my body produces just thinking about what happened, as those are the adrenal

    chemicals that are produced in your body to protect it self.

    I repeat “ I haven’t done anything wrong to be detained” continued with “I’m disabled with epilepsy, what statute am I in violation of”, yet again, Officer Loesch sais “So am I so whattt!” but louder that time. When I first went to my Neurologist, they told me my face is symmetrical so I didn’t have epilepsy as a child when the growth plates were open otherwise my face would be Asymmetrical.

    Officer Loesh’s face in my opinion was even, so I’d imagine his epilepsy had to come from some

    sort of Withdrawal or a head injury. As it starts to lightly drizzle with snow at that point, the Officers wanted to hurry this whole thing up. Before the ever loving **** is kicked out of me, what was God damn sick is and now know apart of it, Officer Loesh gos over to his Police cruiser SUV….. And Pops the trunk…. They knew what they were doing… And it was premeditated. Now having pain for life.

    After he pops the trunk they tell me I’m under arrest. I ask “What have I done to be under arrest?!!!!”

    I then ask “what exact crime have I done to be arrested?” as Officer Loesh comes back over to my right within 3 feet of me, Officer Kasporvich puts his hands up and walks over to my left as to distract me as my attention and eyes follow him, Officer Loesh comes from my right by tackling me at my waist, Officer Kasporvich follows through with Officer Loesh’s motion on my torso. Then and there almost 600 pounds of weight come down on my left shoulder, damaging it for life as well when Officer Kasporvich when he followed through with the Officers motion he made my head go down as if I was slouching. This is why I have degenerated discs when my body weight, + the officers body weight, and there equipment are the reasons why I have a damaged spine for life. I scream loud...As it was painful. These bastards knew there would be no way of fitting me and the pole in the back of the car.

    I’m yelling please help, I’m disabled and being abused. They say shut up. At this point I’m not even cuffed. The Syringe in my arm was put in downward, by the time it was taken out it was pointing upward. I have somewhere the pictures of the bruise in my arm from the needle. Keep in mind this is just still on the ground. Officer Loesh and Officer Kasporvich proceed to stomp my hiatal hernia,

    and kick my ulcers in. I had a IV in me for a reason, I was dehydrated. Was what I was doing stupid? Yes! But, Illegal? Absolutely not. Again, as I say I’m not even handcuffed at that point. Aside from my stomach pain and just puking up blood. I’m in a great deal of pain with my back, my ribs that landed, and thought my shoulder was broke. My back did have fractures, bone chips that got shaved off. They get me up but don’t handcuff me cause the hose is still connected to me and rip on it. I say “what was that for?” They said nothing. I’m stood up with my hands behind my back not handcuffed.

    I’m screaming for someone to “help me, I’m disabled and being abused!”. Then the 3rd responding Officer comes on the scene, Officer Syndansky. Me being dumb and thinking someone would help me I say the same things, that Im being abused and have epilepsy and ask what crimes have I committed. They say you’re under arrest. I say “no, what crime have I committed?” “why the hell did you do that, what Have I done?” they say shut up, not Syndansky. I say “no what the hell did I do? What crime did I commit? That’s when I’m tackled again. I didn’t resist, I didn’t fight, I did nothing but question, and question and question. Thank God < no, I refuse to believe in that because my life is bad. Thank whatever, that Officer Synsdansky was 3rd responder, cause when I was tackled again, Officer Syndansky had caught me behind my shoulders, carried me 50% of the way down and let me drop as to show Camaraderie with his fellow officers.

    Had not Officer Syndansky been there, I believe I would have been handicapped w/them breaking my spine in half. Before I go further, I have to explain what I was raised in. The American Indian Movement, the President is well known just not his name. The President was Russel means. He played Daniel Day lewises adopted Indian Father in the movie (The Last Of The Mohicans), old Indian guy with receeding hairline. I didn’t find out I was part American Indian until 31, but was raised in the culture and named when I was 12, we were trained never resist arrest, never flee cause they shoot.

    By the time I get up this time I’m handcuffed, and pushed up against the Sydanskys car. I say “look just take me back to my room, I won’t sue’, saying further “ my wallet is in my back pocket with my ID”. I was honest with them too, cause I told then I had weed on me, but had a medical card. This is when Officer Loesh repeated “So what, we’re still going to arrest you, cause it’s federally regulated”. This Police much like other Police departments do illegal things when everyone is looking the other way, but the thing is the entirety of (Elyria) is the other way…. And it sucks. It’s just in life I’m always getting the brunt end of things, I play the sovereign citizen thing, but am convinced I have had things put or done onto me like hex or cursed wise.

    I tell them “look in my right back pocket, I have weed” Mind you it’s freezing out, and they were all wearing gloves and I had tight jeans on. Officer Loech go’s through my right back pocket… Pulls out a bag and it’s empty…. Officer Loesh then sais with a belly full of anger “Theres NO MARIJUANA IN THIS BAG”. I look behind me, and had remembered I double bagged the bud I had in the hospital room. I’m put in the back of Officer Kasporvich’s car, and driven to the hospital, only to the emergency room. I’m taken out, Officer Loesh takes the pole out, but on the way to the hospital I try to reason with the police which I never suggest anyone do, ever, for any reason. Ever. I say to him “ just take me back to my room and I won’t sue, I promise, room 506.” This piece of trash sais nothing. I’m taken into the hospital with a Police officer on each arm, back into the Emergency room, I see the Doctor that hit me with morphine no more than 10 to 14 hours earlier...I say “please someone help me I’m being abused”

    I had thought that I would get taken to an Emergency room pod. Ohhh no, I’m human trash that doesn’t deserve the bare necessities of life, or the very minimum, and I really do believe I’m trash cause how and what I go through in life. Ohh no no no, I deserved much worse. I’m taken arm by arm past all the Doctors that helped me hours earlier, then taken into the Criminal / Psychiatric ward of the Elyria Hospital. I’m screaming for someone to “Someone please help me I’m hurt, please I’m sick, please I’m disabled with epilepsy”. Of course, when you’re me, nobody helps you. Nobody cares, and you’re always the expendable one in life people can do **** to, and get nothing done back to them in return. Up until the seizures, I had fear from people, fights, life. I yell “ please I need some water” I’m in such bad pain with almost everything at that point cause the Adrenaline and nor-epinephrine wore off from my body putting through abuse and getting excited. Then, I meet Satan herself Nurse Rachel Askew.

    The place I went to was dirty as hell, it looked like nobody had wiped anything down for years, it smelled bad, tiles falling off the walls, equipment that looked like it was used in the 1970’s, people eating food that looked like you cooked feces and topped it with cat droppings, topped with dog shat.

    That’s Elyria Hospital, then I’m put in the criminal ward. I thought that since a person in the United States, being in the United States gets a certain level of care. Even as a prisoner, I even saw a prisoner handcuffed in regular emergency room pod. But no, when you’re me, you don’t deserve anything. I say “Please I’m hurt, I think my shoulder and back is broke” . Nurse Rachel Askew, I can never forget this name. Ever, not even if I wanted to...You don’t forget when someone treats you worse than an animal, I mean, not even. Animals get bare necessities. I don’t. Before anything I’m giving my usual shtick of begging for help, and I’m not even that loud. The security guards look at the police that took me in, cause the Officers wanted me to me strapped down on a plastic bed, I “please don’t, I’m harmed, please don’t, I’m sick, I’m sick, I have epilepsy”. Much to the Officers dismay, they wouldn’t strap me.

    I say “Please, Please, my back is broke I need an exray, and my shoulder.” She (Rachel/Satan) Takes off my Jacket and looks at my shoulder and sais “ohhh your fine”. Which indeed was not fine. I beg “Please I’m sick, shoulder’s broke need an exray.” Nothing. No response. I continue to beg but am Ignored. But before that, for 15 minutes straight (I know because there was a clock), Officer Kasporvich go’s to each and every different type of hospital worker there was in that Criminal Ward, cause I kept saying in the car “Just take me back and I won’t sue”. He repeats to first the Nurses on staff and sais “Yea, for all I know he could have been a Nord Center Escapee” < Nord Center is about 5-6 miles away, probably maybe more… There’s no possible way in hell I could of escaped from Nord Center, especially at the pace I was moving. He was getting a legal alibi. He then go’s up to Nurses aids and repeats the same thing.The orderlies on staff, same, the security guards same. About 2 more different types of workers, same. Until he feels safe enough (legally)

    It’s probably 25 to 30 minutes in, this Nurse Rachel Askew is talking and laughing with Officer Kasporvich and ignoring what I’m screaming. I continue to beg for water, then I remember among my rants and all that went on that I had a hypodermic needle in my arm, not a small one either, the thick gauged kind. I stop asking for water and remembered that and tell this retard “I’m ****ing disabled and got a needle in my arm”. She then breaks away from her uber important conversation she seemed to be having with Officer Kasporvich and took it out, and said “There you go”. For 30-40 more minutes, I beg for water, nothing. Nada. Zip. I then say “if I’m being arrested I’m allowed to have a phone call.”

    Of course since my arms were handcuffed behind, I wasn’t allowed to be the one that calls. Nurse Rachel Askew (which I hope loses her license one day and have the concrete proof to do it), decides she’s going to give me that phone call, asks the number and dials my Mother’s number.

    She dials it and sais “Hello, I have Anthony Fowler here, he’s been arrested and am giving him his phone call, don’t come down to the hospital!” but when she said the word don’t, I scream “MOM THEY”RE ABUSING ME”. Askew sighs and then gos back to her conversation with Kasporvich. I grow discouraged, not angry and even call her out on it… I say “You’re suppose to giving me care… Why are you talking to him?” Nurse Rachel Askew sais “We’re friends and work together so we see eachother a lot”. I continue to beg for water, I’m told shut up by Kasporvich, I say “NO, I need water”. I absolutely had a IV in me for a reason I was dry, and that’s why my injuries are worse cause, because water actually cushions your tissues. So that’s charge 2. Again 5 more minutes this time I’m loud “I NEED SOME WATER” “No, SHUT UP, or we give you another charge” I say “I don’t careee abouttt that I need water, please I’m sick, 5 more minutes straight, another charge, I believe it was obstruction of an official business < asking for water…. Charge 3. I don’t stop asking for water to the point they start moving patients into the other room, and am told to shutup even by other patients.
    I said “**** you NO!, This is inhumane, I need some water.

    Nurse Rachel Askew, finally throws up her hands as if she’s doing a chore and annoyed by someone in incredible pain that was just ordered to be in the hospital for 4-5 days for dehydration and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and the next day when I got that paperwork I also had ulcers, I have all of it, ex rays, the surgery info 11 months later, everything, every possible thing...I was for sure in the system and diagnosed in the system with Hiatal Hernia, she throws up her hands and asks Officer Kasporvich “CAN I GIVE HIM SOME WATER” < and trust me she didn’t want to ask and acted annoyed and bothered by someone that doesn’t mean much in the world, a dog gets water. Officer Kasporvich sais “No, don’t give him anything.”…. I beg for water 10 more minutes. I was reduced to an infantile state and remembered when I was a kid, that if I cried I can get something. I couldn’t cry or produce tears as I was that dry. That’s where I got charge 4 cause they couldn’t take my whining.

    Then this woman that couldn’t take it anymore, she kinda looked like my sister (Therese), and said ‘hey I’ll give you some water”. She got me a diet ginger ale, and that was best tasting thing every at that point. I finally shut up. I think I’m still making noises from the pain but not moaning. And finally we went off I think I was there almost 2 hours, time is hard to tell in that fetal state. I was reduced to nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like I said, the entirety of Elyria is where people (Look the other way).

    Then I get whisked off to jail.. Please keep in mind, I believe if I lie, this life gets worse. And yea it can. I can’t seem to lie about anything. Maybe except for Texas Holdem. But, besides playing games, no. My Dad was a liar and I was conceived out of a lie. Nothing beautiful can come from a lie. Ever.
    I would never treat my worst enemy how I was treated. I legit hope someone does that to her kids.
    That seems malicious. No, it’s not. The things I’ve been through in this life are not fair.

    We get taken to jail, I ask on the way there “how many charges do I have?” he said gleefully “5”. I was still kind even after being denied basic needs. I said “this isn’t needed, just take me back to my room, I won’t sue”. This piece of garbage said nothing. And of course none of those charges are walking down the street with a IV pole. But, I’m the one that’s wrong, has to get the **** kicked out of me, and my back damaged for life. I’m not allowed to stand up for myself ever. Because I get knocked down fast. I still was trying to reason with him. And when I asked and he told me 5, was only 4 come court. Which mind, he said “Ohh I’m going to court for you!” We get to the jail. I’m booked, and put in hospital bay with Nurse Nancy. Now that was a good woman. At that point I’m just talking about how I got beat up and my back and shoulder really hurt and wouldn’t treat me. I got something to drink right away w/her.

    I don’t even tell her how I had a ex ray done On my stomach and shown a hiatal Hernia. She clearly has been a Nurse for long enough, my eyes didn’t even l ook like that fluid in them and my eyes were blood shot, and were like sunk in. I wouldn’t say I was near death. I was messed up. Nurse Nancy sais “don’t worry honey I’ll get you out of this” and winks at me. She gos back to Officer Kasporvich and sais “ I can’t take him, he’s too sick. I need something from the hospital, just something”. Those were her exact words. Off to the hell hole called Elyria Hospital. Unfortunately, when I get back every right and federal right I had was violated. Nurse Nancy sent me back to get treated. I was suppose to be in the Hospital for atleast 4 days minimum and get a ant acid drip and something else you give someone for a bleeding hernia. Which I would Imagine got worse when it got kicked in just to get their shots in. Sydansky atleast caught me, didn’t give me water, but I could tell he wasn’t apart of the good ole boy group by catching me, you can tell these other 2 were straight criminals, not police officers.

    I get back to the Elyria Hospital Criminal/Psychiatric wing and see my least favorite person in the world (Nurse Rachel Askew). I’m ooin and ahhh in pain, just not begging for help, rocking back n fourth in pain. That’s when I get sat down. The Officer Kasporvich go’s over to Nurse Rachel Askew and sais ‘can I get the paperwork on why he came to the hospital in the first place’. If they actually correctly recall, this is when I was completely silent. My sister (Therese) has been in medical field for 20 years, and know what just went on. Nurse Rachel Askew then begins to get real nervous and sais “I actually can’t cause there are laws all over that” literally sais that infront of me, then points her finger up in the air as if she has a Eureka moment and sais “ohh wait I know what to do”. Proceeds to go in the computer which even until today there still is a log for legal reasons, I believe she first actually discharges me, as technically I was still checked into the hospital at a bed on floor 5 room 506.

    This is when I was technically discharged, probably changed later to time of the arrest, if not that’s more proof.

    She then gos through my medical file…. Keep in mind I just said I’m disabled with epilepsy…

    She looks up what the Doctor diagnosed me with...Doesn’t put that. Nurse Rachel Askew after going on the computer, took a piece of paper… She gos off in the kiosk area where nobody else was around, and for a reason I actually didn’t realize until 8 months later… And the most illegal thing I seen in my life...She claims I was treated for only nausea, not had a hernia, she shouldn’t be claiming she treated me at all, as she didn’t give me water. I heard Officer Kasporvich say clear him as healthy. The sickest part is, alls I said is I’m disabled with epilepsy. She stays in that little area, looks at me,,,then appears to look like Smeegle from Lord of the rings, paranoid, and hunched over….and her face got red. This piece of paper states “he admits to having epilepsy but takes no medication”… Mind you I was, and I didn’t see this paper until the next day which will be explained further in a bit. She put that down in case if I died in jail from a seizure and not have access to my meds. First off, you’re not allowed to give out medical info, Nurse Nancy didn’t ask for theft of my medical information, she asked for “something”. Negating of care, denying me care, denying me water, police brutality. Stealing of medical info. Right before Nurse Rachel Askew gives this paper to Officer Kasporvich, she knew what she was doing cause she asked “This isn’t going to end me up in court is it?” Officer Kasporvich’s response a Will Smith handshake sound “PSSSSSSHH NO”””

    My family finds a high profile law firm to represent me in criminal case, and Officer Kasporvich kept me in a constant state of panic telling me I’m getting felonies….They were 4 Mis, not 5. And this law firm agreed to represent me for 40%. Come time for court, the lawyer didn’t want me in the court room I wish I did. Ida reemed them out. It might of wanted to go to trial but, very first thing I remember was “I got arrested for an IV pole whilst walking down the street, but then we got to the hospital, he changed it to I could have been a Nord Escapee”. Attorney said that to the Judge, Kasporvich sprout right up and she said “Officer Kasporvich is suggesting just throw out the charges” this was 5 minutes after I told her. My answer to her was “ofcourse he is”.

    So the lawsuit part for a civil. I agreed to sue for 10,000,000. That firm represented me for 10 months, but I got dropped because, I called one day and asked what was going on with the case, but raised my voice on voicemail I think. I didn’t swear. Clearly for a while I had got PTSD from this, which I’m now treated for. I don’t get episodes of anger ever. I just can’t sleep for 4-5 days at a time and take prazosin.
    If I did what I just did tonight < write a statement… I would have been 10,000,000 richer…. But not being given water lower than a dog kept me from. I screw up a lot of stuff in life cause of not believing I deserve it. Self sabotage. For years I was harrased online, and suffered bad from It.

    Come a year from the event I was told by an attorney if I wanted to Hipaa sue, I had to file. So I did but only put on the lawsuit “Suing for Hipaa right violation, and stress” named the officers, the police department and the hospital. It got pushed from the Elyria big court, not city. To Federal, then to City, then to Federal and was told I had a deadline to write the claim. I called the Judges Clerks office and asked for an extension. They said you can extend it. But it got thrown out cause I never finished, This was April or May.

    I didn’t realize until in fact a year later… Nurse Rachel Askew was paranoid this would end up in court… Because, I didn’t realize until a year later she forged another Nurses name that was working that night. Rachel Pipper, or Pinner. I found her facebook profile….

    There’s got to be something that can be done still due to my mental duress. These are a couple felonies… More that 7-8 laws broke. The Signature though...And name signing…He had her clear me as healthy. I have everything, everything. Just need an Attorney.

    Now next day out of jail. I went ahead and said Anthony, get that note….I did, that’s the copy they made.

    I went back a year later wanting another copy, they denied me… Again eelyria is corrupt. They said it could be a Hipaa violation, I said no because its me. The chick literally said “just no” get a subpeona.
    Day after I was out of jail had no problem giving it to me, cause they didn’t think it was a big deal.

    So my mom sweet talked a nurse, had them pull the booking file, she can’t find it. Again this city stood to lose a lot of money and 2 officers transferred < this is what they do when **** comes down. The 2 officers wrote a 4 page statement. Syndansky only wrote 3 paragraphs cause the suit alleged I didn’t want to discipline him. Should of. If I couuld of just wrote this earlier 8(.

    When he got me cleared from almost critical to healthy, I kept moaning and moaning under my breath Im sick. I was bad man. Officer Kasporvich put his hand on my shoulder and acted like a prick” Your not sick you’re healthy.”

    Thats when I screamed in his face your not a doctor. Took me back to holding.

    That was the worse and I ****ed up not following through.

  • #2
    Just to be 100% clear, why did the one nurse sign in the other nurse's name? Was that ever reported to the police dept as well?



    • #3
      It seems like a law student or somebody may want to or need to help put all the facts together and write it up again.
      --it's a bit hard to follow, and a bit long for the introductory summary.


      • #4
        I wish to inform you that you may contact your State Bar Association and may seek reference for an attorney. You may also request court for pro bono attorney. You may further file a complaint in court against law enforcement official and hospital staff that have violated your rights. You may seek court order for medical examination through an independent medical professional or may subpoena and can have necessary evidence.



        • #5
          Legal aid, law students, law school clinics -- all can help sometimes if you cannot afford an attorney or cannot find an attorney.

          This sounds a like a situation where legal counsel needs to be involved and advise, you can't do this by yourself; which you seem to recognize already.

          And not every situation is a viable case. That has to be determined as well.


          • #6
            If you truly think you have a case and time is running out to file, is there a chance you can go to Legal Zoom or a similar website, "put something together" and then file it? And then when you find an attorney, they can amend the complaint? Since I am not an attorney and don't care much for legal shows, I don't know what is possible... Maybe someone on the forum can let you know if that is a viable alternative. I did not have the patience to read your entire post so I probably missed something important. But I am curious if that is a viable option. Good luck.
            Not an attorney but willing to consider acting roles for the same.


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