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Landlord dispute over no shower

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  • Landlord dispute over no shower

    My landlord is unlawfully evicting us for withholding rent - Our argument is that we had our only shower shut down and had to live elsewhere, which makes it unfair that we have to pay rent for a place we cannot live in and have been nagging about all the electrical and plumbing issues since we moved in 6 months ago. Please help?

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    I wish to inform you that the landlord is legally required to keep rental premises livable in Florida, under a legal doctrine called the "implied warranty of habitability." If the landlord does not take care of important repairs, tenants in Florida have several options, including the right to withhold rent. You may show pictures of the items needing repairs, copies of correspondence wherein you informed the landlord of your concerns and other evidence to the Court which supports your view point. The Court will consider all the facts and decide the matter. You may contact an attorney and seek guidance.



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      Minnow, please read Florida statute sections 83.51 and 83.60.


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        What do those statutes mean? It's hard to understand.


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          It means, in Florida, the only thing withholding rent gets you is evicted but you can raise certain defenses to eviction and hope the judge accepts them.

          A tenant has remedies through the courts when a landlord fails to comply with his duties. Withholding rent is not one of them.

          Trouble is, tenants don't avail themselves of those remedies when they are supposed to.


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            I have gathered up all this information. And he has arranged a meeting later today so we will see... thx!!!


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