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  • What are my options?


    Hello. I went to a nightclub and experienced something that has never happened before. I arrived to the club around 10:30pm with a friend of mine and we moved to get into the line. The security person who checked ID's then looked at my ID and had me pulled out of the line. I was then told that I could not enter the club tonight. I was not given any reason, but told it was personal. I then attempted to speak with the manager who then told me the same thing. I asked for a reason why I could not enter as I have been to this same club for over 3 years and never had been removed from the club or had any problems or denied entry. In fact, I am friendly with all of the security staff (who were surprised about this as well) and bartenders. The manager was very rude told me that an employee had a problem with me. I told the manager I do not know any of the employees outside of the club, but he told me that was not true. He did not give me any other reason why I was denied entry and did not tell me of any crime or problem I caused. I told him as well that I have never had this happen the whole time I have been to this club over 3 years. The manager was not very friendly and dismissed me quickly. I asked him for his full name and phone number which he would only give me his first name and pretty much brushed me off and told me to have a lawyer contact him. I honestly do not know why I was denied entry tonight, I never did anything wrong, I met the dress code requirements and honestly I feel I was discriminated. I don't understand why I can be permitted to go into this club for over 3 years and one night be told I cannot enter just out of the blue. Can I take any action on this or is this within the law? Can I just be told to leave without any reason one day?

    Thank you for your time and consideration

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    Re: What are my options?

    They often can deny entry unfortunately unless for impermissible reasons like race etc. May be best to simply not let them get your money and find a better place.


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      Re: What are my options?

      It seems as though I cannot take any action against the nightclub, but they are not who I am upset with at this point. Here is an interesting turn of events. Here is the story:

      I was involved in an argument with a friend of mine earlier in the day and just now I found out from another friend that since he knew I was going to this club that he used to work for and knew the owner, he made up some lie and told the owner and security staff not to let me in just to ruin my night. Of course they are going to take his word since he used to work there and knows the owner. I'm sure he made up something saying I was a threat or something to that nature so he could know for sure I would not get in. Apparently now it seems I've been banned. I'm sure he made up a lie!

      Clearly he did this just to get back at me. Is there anything action I can take against this person? I just do not think it's right that this person is able to go around to each night club I will be going to spreading false and very untrue information about me and as a result since he knows the owners they are going to ban me. I want to clearly stress I caused this person no physical harm, threatened in any way or have any prior criminal records of violence and the like. We merely just had a disagreement and he was not happy with the outcome. At this rate I won't be able to go anywhere in town as he will keep having the owners ban me. Please help me out.

      Thanks for your support.


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        Re: What are my options?

        Not really. Best to ignore it


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