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Paternity Fraud/Children For profit

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  • Paternity Fraud/Children For profit

    In 1985 at the age of 19,easily mislead and a child by
    experience my self I was coerced by the means of fraud
    into a marriage, with the one thing most hold dearly
    to there hearts, the privilege of child birth and
    becoming a parent to pass on the heritage of the
    family tree, that generations before have held the
    pride of being part of.

    over a period of the next 5 years, I was striped of
    the privilege that in fact is a god given gift. The
    freedom of my next 20 years was in the hands of many
    that would determine literally my destiny at there
    will by opinion and discretion. I HAVE NOW BEEN PLACED
    IN THE HANDS OF THE SYSTEM, The Bay County Friend Of
    The Court, commonly referred to as the FOC, I soon
    came to realize it was (FAILURE OF THE CHILDREN).

    With 2 children being born into, but not products of
    the marriage, I soon began the quest to protect the
    right of my family heritage, and the best interest of
    both children. The conception of fraud is unfair to

    Because of LAWS and POWERS the judge holds to
    determine what is best for My children I was told you
    can not see your children. Your visitation rights are
    terminated, all because of his personal opinion, as he
    demonstrated on the record by referring to his own
    family heritage and children.

    while holding confidence in my hired counsel I was
    lead to make some bad choices through out the
    proceedings of the divorce by his recommendation,
    keeping in mind, He was the 3rd attorney on the record
    in this case as I was denied the right to an attorney
    by the judge prior to retaining his firm.

    I was never charged with domestic violence, never
    charged with child abuse, the only thing that could be
    said, Is Mr Richardson is confused about his
    decisions.WHO WOULD NOT BE, finding out that there
    beliefs are nothing more then a facade of ones
    fraudulent ways, every thing you believed in was only
    created in another,s mind.

    So by his opinion and his unlimited discretion, I was
    ordered astray of a child that was my biological son
    of just 2 years old, and entitled to be part of my
    family heritage. and to financially care for a child
    holding my personal name only Douglas Richardson while
    the mother was set free to live abroad with the blood
    father of the non-biological child that was determined
    to be my legal responsibility at the age of 5 as
    defined best interest of the child.

    Enslaved over the next 15 years, from the deceit of a
    woman altering morality at the cost of my freedoms I
    am now nothing more then a number on the books of a
    collection agency, the friend of the court.

    Over this period of time, while being fully engulfed
    with emotions of having a SON out there in the care of
    another man whom holds absolutely no interest in my
    family heritage I set my self aside, continue on with
    the struggles of life holding the faith all will come
    to pass.

    Some 10 years later The mother determines she has
    tired of being a mom, abandons BOTH children in the
    house hold of the man she has striped me of my
    freedoms with deceit, to live with as a family and
    deceived both children into believing I walked away
    from them by the means of my own decisions, claiming
    to them I am a dead beat father.

    Growing older and much wiser, holding grave concerns
    to the future of both of these children,s lives, I
    starting refocusing on the entire process that has
    unfolded over the last 15 years.

    I am forced to go back to square one and file a motion
    in court representing my self to force open the doors
    that were literally slammed in my face 15 years
    earlier. Having a lot of ground to cover I start
    investigating court files, pulling all information
    from the County clerks office and the friend of the
    courts files Copying, and putting in sequence.

    Keeping in mind, I am limiting my search to certain
    documents because the decisions of the courts whom
    held authority over these childrens lives was based
    off the best interest of the child, as stated in

    The very first thing I begin to research is how the
    courts could acknowledge the mother moved out of the
    house, and can with out a notification to me the legal
    father of both, order the payments I am making go
    directly to this man, The biological father of the
    first child whom I hold all parental rights and
    responsibilities too as ordered by the courts

    I find by Michigan law a hearing and investigation
    must take place to protect my parental rights and the
    best interest of the child. It clearly states it must
    beyond a shadow of a doubt be in the best interest of
    the children, to have the children reside with a 3rd
    parte and under his care, and must hold legal
    authority to not only care for the children, but in
    fact receive the payments I was making.

    While researching abatement and redirection of child
    support, I find this was done with out a hearing,and
    no investigation what so ever, I find in a motion
    filed by the friend of the court, it was taken to the
    chief judge, whom holds authority over the friend of
    the courts operations stating they had received my
    verbal consent, but when I ask them to show me any
    form of notification to me, one can not be produced,as
    they claim its archived.

    I am very skeptical now of all, I start looking at the
    whole picture while talking to the receptionist at the
    Bay County Clerks office, once again looking for some
    kind of notification to me, or a hearing that took
    place, as she opens the files on Abraham Flores doing
    a reverse check for a hearing he may have attended
    being the 3rd parte payee.

    The file she presented to me was a felony police
    report, she said I would have to go to the circuit
    court clerk to visually see the report. She also
    informed me of a report I may view on the mother of
    the case containing a PPO order she had filed.

    With the Circuit court clerks office ( records) within
    20 foot of the friend of the courts doors I am alarmed
    to find in the records a report and plea conviction
    against the man the courts found fit to care for these
    children with out the mother being present in the

    The charges were Count 1 Felony with a fire arms and
    count 2 Assault with a dangerous weapon. In the 27
    page report I find testimony from several people
    including one of the children, The Assault occurred at
    the home of this family, the Assault was literally
    against this family as he held and threatened there
    lives with a high caliber riffle to the extent of the
    childrens testimony stating he would kill every
    one.He as well held the police at bay before
    surrendering him self to there custody.

    I also found this happened prior to the mother
    abandoning the children as the courts acknowledged in
    written correspondence. This man had no authority to
    legally care for the children, he held no parental
    rights and had proved to be a threat to there best
    interest, to the extent of threatening there lives at
    gun point, They were left in an environment of

    On March 23rd, 2006 after filing a motion to rehear
    the case it was agreed and determined that all
    payments to the mother and 3rd parte payee would be
    terminated, arrears in the amount of $117.00 to the
    3rd parte payee, and approximately $2000 to the mother
    would be wiped out. It was also ordered that I WOULD
    have to reimburse the state of Michigan approximately
    $1500 for welfare received and court statutory fees
    by both the 3rd parte payee and the mother.

    It was also ordered with out question My visitation
    rights to my biological child be immediately

    Still having unanswered questions, and new issues that
    were brought to my attention during the March 23rd
    hearing I deemed it extremely important to continue
    investigating all issues in the case.

    On the record my ex-wife made the statements she has
    continued to have the children on Medicaid, a service
    offered by the Michigan department of human services,
    that is tailored under welfare reform Title 4D. When
    in fact I have had these children on a policy of Blue
    Cross & Blue Shield as recognized by the courts them
    selves. The friend of the courts office several times
    over the years have retained Insurance cards from me
    for the children also recognized by the courts.

    I also have many times over the years received
    statements from Blue Cross Blue Shield showing the
    Policy was being used by the mother holding the
    Insurance cards as I was billed for the deductibles
    that she her self was ordered responsible to pay in
    the judgment of divorce, while she on March 23rd
    maintained she has never had Blue Cross Blue Shield
    coverage supplied to her. She was in fact using
    Medicaid as a primary insurance coverage, fully
    knowing the Blue Cross Policy existed.

    This Directed my attention to a new avenue, being I
    was even on March 23rd ordered to reimburse the state
    of Michigan for the services received on this case
    that included The Medicaid policy.

    I exercised my rights to the freedom of information
    act to retain the history of welfare reform services
    received in this case. In the information I received
    from the Michigan Department of human services, it
    clearly recognizes the mother from the dates of 2001
    to 2005 was not in possession of these children, and
    they were in fact living in the domicile under the
    care of Abraham Flores, The 3rd parte to the case,
    Whom was receiving the payments of child support. It
    also recognized in their files as stated to me in a
    separate document that the mother in the year of 2003
    had the children on and was receiving services
    supplied by the state of Michigan for cash assistance
    and food stamps.

    As law would enforce ignorance to the law is no
    excuse,It is clearly Spelled out and documented in the
    files of the Michigan Department of human services
    that there was no entitlement for the state to receive
    federal funding for the reimbursement of title 4D, And
    the mother knowingly applied and received services
    offer by the state of Michigan for food stamps, cash
    assistance and Medical coverage in the form of

    All files retained on hand by Mr Douglas Richardson
    are formally being submitted to this United States
    Attorneys office for further investigation, for the
    receipt of Federal funding under fraudulent claims and
    welfare fraud.

    Mr Douglas M Richardson
    709 McDonnell
    Essexville Mi 48732
    Home 989-893-4717
    Cell 989-714-9359

    As you can see, There are several issues involved, I am not looking to go after the mother or 3rd parte. I am looking at holding the state and county accountible for the damage they have done. I am looking for an attorney on a contingency basis, I would like to sue for my youngest child as well being he has not yet emancipted. Any help or direction would be greatfully appreciated.
    YES, because he is responsable for his patients safty when he operates on them.
    NO, it was an accident & he shouldn't pay his patient's almost $20,000 medical bill.

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    Re: Paternity Fraud/Children For profit

    If funds are truly limited and custody issues are present, legal aid often will assist. You might at least check with them too.


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