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  • Hiring a lawyer - Hiring an attorney

    How can you get your attorneys to do what they were hired to do?

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    re: Hiring a lawyer - Hiring an attorney

    Perhaps your idea of what should or can be done, is not what actually can be accomplished in the legal sense. Having an open discussion about expectations and reality is the best option. If that fails, one can always "fire" legal counsel and find someone they feel better represents their interests. As to retainers, fees, etc. they would be addressed in the contract, as to what if any might be recoverable.


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      re: Hiring a lawyer - Hiring an attorney

      Your lawyer may have the knowledge, but you have the money. Get educated as to your rights; most state/city/county bar associations have websites that will inform you as to your rights. Contact the local bar association and learn your rights as a client. Your lawyer may be obligated by state law to provide you with a written copy of your rights as a client.

      Once you learn your rights you can then engage the lawyer on somewhat more equal footing. Demand to see billing records and time slips; demand to see correspondence between your lawyer and the adversary; demand to see copies of papers (motions, demands, etc.) filed with the court; ask your lawyer to prepare memorandum for you explaining the issue and the law.

      Demand better legal services or take you business elsewhere !!!


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        re: Hiring a lawyer - Hiring an attorney

        I assume lawyers would have a license or registration number from their governing bodies. Check what official licenses your lawyer has and also try searching on the net for past references etc of that lawyer. Also I suggest going to legal networking sites.
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