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Hit and Run Stolen Vehicle

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  • Hit and Run Stolen Vehicle

    I woke up Sunday morning and saw that my vehicle had been involved in a hit and run in front of my home. Went for a walk and found the offending vehicle parked in the alley farther down my street. Vehicle was registered to home it was parked behind. We were told by police to wait for vehicle until they arrived (Just over an hour). Someone was home the entire time yet no one came to speak with us as to why we were 'hanging' out at their back fence. At one point, we had walked out of site and we heard the back door slam shut. Police arrived and inspected vehicle. (Damage was consistent with our damage and driver's side had also sustained serious damage from a second impact (We think a guard rail). There was no damage sticker indicating that police had attended their damages). The police attended their home and they refused to answer even though main front door was open. We filled out an accident report and was advised that unless they admitted fault, we were on the hook for our damages. We observed a pickup truck by offending vehicle about an hour later. This truck was also observed passing our home at slow speeds twice. A half hour later, I stopped in front of the house to speak to the owner of the pickup. I asked who lived there and he stated his son lived at the residence. I commented that his son had hit my vehicle and he became defensive stating their damages had been there a long time. A young man then exited the residence to enter the pickup. Meanwhile, my husband had just noticed the pickup passing our home for the third time (slowly) and came out to talk to him. He assumed the pickup was going back to the damaged vehicle so he went down the alley. When he arrived at the damaged vehicle, the pickup had not stopped there so he continued down the alley to go around to their front door. While passing by their backyard, a woman starting yelling at him that we were harrasing them and that she was calling the police because 'their vehicle had been stolen' (Please note, thief was kind enough to return the vehicle to its registered residence.) She also stated that she had been out of town for two days. The officer returned to our home about a half hour later, gave us the third degree and then proceeded to amend my accident report with their insurance information. It was then we explained the two conversation the owner's had with us and their vehicle passing our home slowly. He said that apparently the car had been at a party and that the keys were now missing. The next morning, we noticed that the car had been turned around and now had the driver's side up against the fence. We have since been advise that even though the officer had deemed their vehicle responsible for the hit and run, because driver was 'unknown' their insurance company would not accept liability. :O) Please advise as my research is showing that I cannot sue the owner of the vehicle in small claims court for the damages because I don't know who the driver was.

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    Re: Hit and Run Stolen Vehicle

    It's a bit of a predicament not being able to identify the driver. If you have auto insurance with uninsured driver coverage, I suggest you file a claim with your insurance company. They have investigators who will look into the matter to possibly file a claim against the owner's insurance.

    Insurance company investigators are able to devote more time than the police can in investigating accidents.


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      Re: Hit and Run Stolen Vehicle

      A similar issue happened in Ohio over the weekend. A teen with no license rolled an SUV killing several teen children. About 30 hours later the owner reported it stolen. When you are dealing with a certain type of people who exploit the law, you sometimes are out of luck. It is best to turn it over to your insurance, if you have coverage for this.
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        Re: Hit and Run Stolen Vehicle

        I am sorry for your unfortunate predicament. I am in a similar situation. I, including my entire family were in my vehicle when we were rear-ended by a hit & run driver. I pulled over to assess the damages & any possible injuries, in which there were to my wife, my 4 year old son & my 18 month old daughter. My wife immediately called the police as the suspect driver sped off. I then chased the suspect to a residence in which he pulls into a driveway. The suspect driver then exits the vehicle and draws a handgun on us. I floored the gas pedal to get out of firing range. I kept the suspect in view of my rear-view mirror. He then runs back to the vehicle he was driving. I make a U-turn to make sure the suspect hasn't taken off. My wife is still on the phone with police dispatch yelling that this man has a gun. nearly a minute later sherriff depuites (5) show up on the scene. suspect has disappeared on foot. I then direct the police to the residence of where the vehicle that struck me was located. At this moment a man comes out of the house of where the vehicle is parked. Turns out he is the owner. He has claimed that he let his so called 'cousin' borrow the vehicle. This in turn is also the case he has made to his insurance company to possibly avoid any involvement. I have hired an attorney who has happily agreed to take my case, not only for the property damage on my vehicle, which most attorney's refuse to take your case unless you pay a retainer fee, but the injuries sustained with my family. I STRONGLY urge you to do the same. If in fact the vehicle that struck yours was actually stolen, the police need to take fingerprints off that vehicle and make a thorough investigation to identify the driver or even possibly conclude insurance fraud of the owner. Good Luck!!!


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          Re: Hit and Run Stolen Vehicle

          It is sad that some people would go to all means just to evade paying for some repair costs. Unfortunately, in such scenarios where you do not have concrete evidence like a video recording then there isn’t much you can do about it but refer to your insurance company and do a partial claim depending on the coverage which you have paid for.


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