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Airlines liable in any way for seating a covid passenger?

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  • Airlines liable in any way for seating a covid passenger?

    What is the status of covid and the airlines.
    If they contact trace you and warn you a nearby flyer had covid, are they liable in any way? What if the guy DID have a higher temperature and they just let it go?
    Can't they just insure for that?

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    I wish to inform you that airline staff are required to follow Occupational Health and Safety Plans established by their employers and further follow FAA . Travelling of Covid-19 patient cannot make an airline liable unless they were negligent in performance of their duties. If airline had acted negligently in performance of its duties like allowing passenger having fever then airline may be held liable for negligence.



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      Could they have known anymore than you?
      Due to a recent promotion, I should now be referred to as Major Obvious.

      I would not be trying to provide information and knowledge if I did not sympathize.

      Some days it is just not worth chewing through the restraints to face life.


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        Travel is dead and aint comin back for a while, a year or so at least.
        So don't travel if you don't want the risk.



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          The latest study I read said international travel will take 2 or 3 years to come back. And from what I see in the industry I agree 100%


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            Congress is going to limit liability for all businesses as to covid 19 issues shortly I predict.


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              The risks of flying right now are pretty well known and every airline is trying to do its best so any such lawsuit will have a hard time in court I would think.
              Still leave it to the US plaintiff lawyer types to find almost any imaginable way to try to make somebody liable for something.


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