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I am on 6 different meds including morphine and oxycotton

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  • I am on 6 different meds including morphine and oxycotton

    Okay 2 months ago i hurt my back at work, After complaining to my boss i was told to take some advil and go back to work. The pain only got worst so i complained once again, My boss then took me in the office and asked if i had a child on the way i replied yes a daughter at wich point he asked me if it would be a bad time for me to be unemployed, I said yes and he said then i had better get my ass back to work so i did and ended hurting my self very bad. i filled out an accident report and went home i was then told to come in and fill out another one because they didn't have one on file. When i got to the building a coworker informed me that the boss was seen ripping up a piece of papper that i handed him. so after that i started seeing there doctor and was told i could go back to work after he looked at my back for 2 mins got home and couldn't even lift a gallon of milk so i complained at wich point he asked me to start physical therapy (keep in mind he never did an mri or xray) so i did and my back got worst at my 3rd and final visit to this doctor he injected me in the back with novacaine without a reason to do so and when i protested the injection he told me that he was going to tell workmens comp i refused treatment and i wouldn't recieve my checks so i complied. after that i started getting shooting pains down my right leg and buttocks. I then called work to get the number for a new doctor i told them i didn't feel right going to the current doctor because he was trying to force me to continue injections they asked me a few questions and i told them to talk to my lawyer at wich point they began asking me why i am talking to a lawyer and what i told him i said that i just called for the numbers and if they had any questions they could speak to my lawyer they then said if i didn't answer there questions that they would not give me the number for a doctor. I made an appointment with a doctor of my choice and was waiting to go see him when i got a letter of termination in the mail. the reason was because i didn't go back to there doctor and never gave them a reason as to why when i did. what do you think? i mean do i have a case? i can't work and i have a 2 month old daughter now and i don't know what to do? and i don't know if my lawyer is doing the right things... i do use a back brace at work and was never trained to do my job i wasn't even certified to drive the equipment they had me driving. any kind of advice would be great.

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    re: I am on 6 different meds including morphine and oxycotton

    BTW I am now heavily medicated... I am on 6 different meds including morphine and oxycotton.


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      re: I am on 6 different meds including morphine and oxycotton

      Oh one last thing... I have been so depressed because I can't support my family that i am now seeing a doctor for depression and am taking meds for that also now.


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        re: I am on 6 different meds including morphine and oxycotton

        It is certainly possible you have a case based on what you say here; you should take a brief description of these events as well as your medical records to an injury attorney and see if the attorney thinks you have a claim; often you need to contact several attorneys to find one to take the case; the review of your case and records is often free and then they will normally take the case on a contingency fee basis if they think you can win; you would pay only if they collect for you.


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