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Medical injuries: We are being forced to settle with the employer and comp

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  • Medical injuries: We are being forced to settle with the employer and comp

    My husband is a driver for a company he has a CDL license. While performing his job duties he was hit from behind on the interstate at 65 mph...We filed a claim with his employer and comp..We also hired an accident attorney for the accident....when we went to the accident attorney they advised us to get a comp attorney soon as the accident occurred our accident attorneys got my husband therapy with a chiropractor...which he had seen for six months...comp got my husband an appointment 2 months later with an orthopedic surgeon...when my husband seen the comp doctor he explained what had happened, the comp doc gave him medication for arthritis and ordered therapy....My husband asked If he could look at his shoulder he said that he could not do that because it was not authorized ...My husband started their theraphy and they were putting him in more pain so we asked our attorney to get his therapy changed and we felt the doctor was only treating him for arthritis and asked them to change doctors and to request they please look at his shoulder... The ironic thing is my husband has never had trouble with his back or ever been told he has husband is 43 yrs. old...for four months he went to an orthopedic surgeon for nothing because he had to wait on comp to authorize different the fifth month he finally got 8 days theraphy and finished.. the doctor released him...just this November when we were about to go to mediation they finally got him a change of doctor and said they would look at his shoulder...after waiting all this time me and my husband felt comp was not doing anything to help so about a month before mediation we asked our accident attorneys if they could get my husband an orthopedic surgeon to look at his back and a doctor to look at his shoulder..They said yes when my husband saw the orthopedic surgeon he said my husband had a possible torn ligament in his back and could do something to isolate the pain on his disc that were bothering him....He had MRIs done on his shoulder The report came back that he had a torn labrum.The doctor asked him if he would like it fixed...My husband said if i leave it alone will it get worse he said yes....My husband said ok lets do surgery...My husbands employer and his attorney are aware of the fact that this doctor said he should have surgery ...Like I said at the last moment of before going to mediation they got a doctor to look at his shoulder ... after we were supposed to go to mediation...We saw our attorney and he said there will be no mediation because they switched doctors got his therapy and now will look at his shoulder...We asked if this doctor was going to look at his back he said no just the shoulder and basically he is just going to review the MRIs...There is more to this just about a yr. before this happened my husband was on his way to work stopped at a red light and someone hit him in his own vehicle..We had an adjuster come to our home and take information from my husband about the accident ...we called several times to see what was going on and they kept telling us they were not sure if the guy who caused the accident was insured with them.. We got tired of the run around so we hired an attorney they got my six months therapy and he seen the same sports medicine doctor and they looked at the shoulder there was no torn labrum and they gave him an injection in the shoulder he had a puss filled cyst or something like that... My husband fully recovered from that accident...when that accident occurred my husband took just one day off from work... He did not want to put his employer in a bind because he is the only driver ...Now back to what happened on his job he will see a doctor on Nov 16 ... We need to know if this doctor just puts him aside like the other doctor did and comp wants to give him no medical treatment what can he do....WE were informed that the other specialist opinion means nothing...It is all up to comps doctor...this is question one... There is more to what has been going on and our comp attorney is fully aware of it ...Since the accident happened my husband only took one day off from work so it would not effect his boss in anyway he has scheduled all his appointments with all the doctors after work or on his days off...Since the accident occurred fellow employees who are aware of what happened have been making remarks to my husband saying oh my back hurts and so on.. My husband employer in the beginning of October informed him his insurance will no longer insure him..and he needs to drop the comp issue... another day he approached my husband again after he knew the other doctor said he needed surgery he told my husband he should go to his regular insurance doctor and get a second opinion.....and pretty much told him to forget the comp issue and take care of himself through his medical insurance....Then the following day my husbands supervisor approached him and told him his boss would give him a 10 cent raise if he went to his regular doctor...then the next following day they put a paper on a clip board on the wall with another drivers information and CDL so he could see it ...they just want him to know he is gone ....This is so wrong...We are living a nightmare....My husband never has taken but those two days off from work in the 6 1/2 years he has worked for this company...he has always done his job well...why is it that he gets hurt by no fault of his own his insurance company can say they wont insure him anymore and my husband loose his job ...and comp refuse him medical treatment...and bother him at work ...he was also told by his boss he will go into a database and it will effect him when getting another job.. all because my husband is hurt and wants treatment..My husband has never ever filed a claim before in his life he has a good work history he has had maybe four jobs in all the many years he has worked ... he is not lazy he has no problems working.... he supports me and our two children ... Please tell me what is going on here ......Our attorney told us they will not look at his back anymore ...they will just take a look at the shoulder with this doctor ..and asked if we wanted to settle... when we asked about medical treatment he said we should work with our accident and my husband have taken out a loan on his 401 k to pay off credit cards and get our bills to a minimum...we are scared we were told we were asking to much to get comp to approve this doctor and ask them to pay while he was out of question is how does my husband get this much needed surgery for his shoulder which the pain is getting worse while they have him working 50 hrs a week on full duty...what are our options If we work through the comp attorneys to get his treatment how do we get income while he is out for surgery and wont he loose his job and loose his comp benefits....Please tell me how my husband can get his medical treatment and get paid .... and get him better and explain to me how this will effect him getting a job in the future ...I feel we are being forced to settle with comp and told to take care of his medical injuries...All MRIs have been taken by our accident attorneys which their doctors get to view ... and basically they have done nothing and to top it all off they have told my husband they have a lean on any moneys that we receive from this accident.....we are stressed and tired from all of this we are beginning to think the only solution is to settle with comp and loose his job and try and get him treatment through his accident attorneys... please give us some sound advice on our rights and what we should do... How will this effect his future employment when applying for a job...what about his medical injuries? How can we get him treatment with out all of this financially wiping us out...
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